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MalwareBytes Anti Malware

MalwareBytes Anti Malware
MalwareBytes Anti Malware
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The protection you need. The privacy you want.



  • License is per device 
  • Each license can be used for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Chrome
  • Prevents threats in real-time
  • Crushes ransomware
  • Defends against harmful sites
  • Cleans and removes malware
Find Threats Phone

Finds threats that others miss

Traditional antivirus is losing the battle against malware. Our cybersecurity technology finds malware on 39 percent of devices that already have antivirus installed. Malwarebytes Premium removes malware, viruses, and other threats from your device in seconds, and stops future infections with Real-Time Protection that works 24/7.

Protects Computer Screen and Lock

Enhances your privacy at home and on the go

Every time you go online hackers, ad companies, and your Internet service provider are trying to look over your shoulder. Malwarebytes Privacy is a next-gen VPN that helps protect your privacy and secures your WiFi connection, delivering speeds way faster than older VPNs.

Man sitting in front of computer

Stays out of your way

Many cybersecurity products work to protect you, but Malwarebytes does it without hogging your system’s resources or spamming you with annoying notifications. Put safety first without putting performance last.