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Stellar Data Recovery Premium For Windows

Stellar Data Recovery Premium For Windows
Stellar Data Recovery Premium For Windows
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World’s 1st Data Recovery Software With Photo & Video Repair Functions

Stellar Data Recovery Premium for Windows offers extensive data recovery capabilities along with specialized modules to repair corrupt photos and videos.

  • Recovers Documents, Audio, Emails, Photos, Videos, Etc. Easily
  • Recovers The Data Lost Due To Drive Corruption, Formatting, And RAW Drive Volumes
  • Facilitates Data Recovery From Missing Or Deleted Partitions
  • Repairs Leading Video & Photo File Formats, Including RAW, HEIC & CR3
  • New! Creates Bootable USB Data Recovery Media For Non-Booting Or Crashed PC
  • New! Recovers From Bitlocker-Encrypted Hard Drive, SSD, & External Storage Media
  • 1 Year License

Key Features:

Recovers Any File Format  icon

Recovers Any File Format

Stellar Data Recovery Premium software can recover any file format. It lets you add new file formats with the help of sample files. This allows you to recover virtually any file format from Windows PC & supported storage media such as HDD, SSD, USB drive, etc.

 Recovers from BitLocker-Encrypted Media icon

Recovers from BitLocker-Encrypted Media

You can now ‘Quick’ or ‘Deep’ scan a BitLocker encrypted hard drive, SSD, or external storage media and recover lost or deleted data. You can also recover files from formatted BitLocker drive and disk image of a BitLocker Encrypted drive volume.

Recovers from Crashed or Non-Booting PC icon

Recovers from Crashed or Non-Booting PC

Now you can create a bootable data recovery media by using Stellar Data Recovery Premium software and recover lost or inaccessible data from a non-booting or crashed Windows PC or laptop. Use the option when Windows fails to boot due to boot errors, corrupt system drive, Blue screen of Death (BSOD), power surge, etc.

 Recovers Data from Lost Partitions icon

Recovers Data from Lost Partitions

This is a powerful utility that can locate and scan missing or deleted drive partitions for data recovery. If a drive partition is not visible under ‘Connected Drives,’ use the ‘Can’t Find Drive’ option to find the missing partitions. You can then choose the found partition and recover your lost data.

Deep Scan for Maximum Recovery  icon

Deep Scan for Maximum Recovery

The ‘Deep Scan’ feature facilitates RAW recovery from formatted or damaged data storage devices. It uses file signature-based data recovery technology to recover files that are not found in ‘Quick Scan.’ You can also choose to run ‘Deep Scan’ directly to suit your data recovery needs.

 Optical Media Recovery icon

Optical Media Recovery

This powerful software can recover data from scratched, corrupt, or partially burnt optical media such as CDs, DVDs, HD DVDs, and Blu-ray discs burnt on any system. Just insert the disc and deep scan it to get back your important files.

 Disk Cloning for Secure Recovery icon

Disk Cloning for Secure Recovery

Clone your failing drive to save it from permanent damage and data loss due to the wear and tear that takes place during data recovery. Cloning a disk minimizes disk usage and maximizes the chances of successful data recovery in shorter duration.

Creates Disk Image for Faster Recovery  icon

Creates Disk Image for Faster Recovery

Image your failing, fragmented, or corrupt drive with bad sectors to recover data faster. This option is an alternative to disk cloning. You can also use it when you are running low on Space. Unlike disk clone, you can choose to image a specific part of your disk drive instead of the entire drive.

Save & Load Scan Information  icon

Save & Load Scan Information

Features such as Scan and Load Scan information assist you when you need to recover a huge volume of data from a massive hard drive volume. The software lets you save scan information after the quick or deep scan is finished. You can then load this scan information into the software to resume recovery later in stages.

File Preview for Precise Recovery  icon

File Preview for Precise Recovery

Preview the recovered documents, photos, videos, audio, PDFs, and several other file types in just one click before saving them. The preview option helps you quickly identify the required files and facilitates precise data recovery. You can also preview repaired photo and video files.

Monitors Hard Drive  icon

Monitors Hard Drive

The newly included SMART Drive Monitor helps check data loss due to impending hard drive failure by keeping real-time track of vital attributes— temperature, drive health, and performance. The Scan Disk detects the bad sectors on a drive to assess whether the affected drive or volume can tolerate the data recovery process.

Repairs Corrupt Photos and Videos  icon

Repairs Corrupt Photos and Videos

The software now packs in powerful Video Repair and Photo Repair features as add-on to its core data recovery capabilities. Sometimes it may happen that the recovered videos and photos are no longer usable due to corruption. For such situations, now you can use the same software to also repair the corrupt videos and photos.